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Owning a boat along the Atlantic coast in Florida is a true pleasure. The intercostal waterways and open seas offer breathtaking views, making a day out on the water unforgettable. However, once the day is over, dealing with maintenance can be a hassle. Neglecting it could leave your boat vulnerable to damage. That's where we come in - Redline Detail Pros.

While there are other mobile boat detailing companies in Brevard County, we strive to be your final choice. We provide exceptional value and affordability, aiming to restore your boat to showroom quality by paying attention to every detail.

We offer top-notch local boat and pontoon services, along with best-in-class boat detailing. Whether you prefer regular maintenance programs for consistency or one-time detailing packages, we're here to accommodate your needs. Our priority is ensuring your satisfaction with the appearance of your boat when the job is done.

Revitalize your vessel with a thorough wash. We meticulously clean all fiberglass, non-skid, and vinyl surfaces, eliminating mildew and drying them with a soft towel. Windows receive special attention, and any carpeted areas are vacuumed. In extreme cases, additional charges may apply for the removal of rust or yellowing stains on fiberglass.

**Pricing for all boats and yachts is available by quotation

Our wash and wax services offers a comprehensive treatment of both the exterior and interior of your vessel. We thoroughly wash and soft towel dry, then apply wax to all fiberglass surfaces for a brilliant shine. Metal surfaces are polished, and glass is cleaned to crystal clarity.

**Pricing for all boats and yachts is available by quotation

Experience a comprehensive cleaning for your vessel, including the engine, storage compartments, seats, and interior. We employ an acid wash to eliminate rust and yellowing stains from fiberglass, followed by a complete wash that includes non-skid surfaces and a gentle soft towel dry. Depending on the condition, some surfaces may require buffing. All bright work metal is meticulously cleaned and polished, while plexiglass is treated to a beautiful finish. All fiberglass surfaces will be protected with a 5-year ceramic coating or protective wax.

**Pricing for all boats and yachts is available by quotation

Boat restoration Our restoration service begins with a thorough washing of your vessel, including the interior, seats, engine, and storage compartments. We meticulously clean and treat all rubber and metal surfaces in the engine compartments, ensuring they shine like new. Vinyl surfaces are treated to remove mildew and conditioned with a UV protectant. Carpeting receives a deep shampooing to rejuvenate its appearance.

For fiberglass surfaces, we employ an acid wash to eliminate rust and yellowing stains, followed by a complete wash that includes non-skid surfaces. Smooth fiberglass surfaces undergo a meticulous 2-3 step wet sanding process that provides a smooth and oxidative-free finish. Next, we compound the fiberglass using high-speed buffers and wool pads. All bright work metal is cleaned and polished using metal polish, while plexiglass is cleaned and polished to a sparkling finish. Windows are thoroughly cleaned for crystal clarity. Finally, you will then have the option to opt int a 5-year ceramic coating or a protective wax.

**Pricing for all boats and yachts is available by quotation

Whether you're navigating the open waters or docked at the marina, your boat endures relentless exposure to harsh marine environments. From corrosive saltwater to intense UV rays, the elements can take a toll on your vessel's appearance and structural integrity. Introducing our specialized Ceramic Coating Package for Boats, a cutting-edge solution designed to safeguard your maritime investment against the harshest conditions nature can throw its way.

This advanced ceramic treatment forms an ultra-thin yet incredibly resilient barrier on your boat's exterior surfaces, creating an impenetrable shield against oxidation, fading, and other forms of degradation. Say goodbye to the constant battle against unsightly chalking and discoloration, as our coatings ensure your boat maintains a radiant, like-new finish for years to come.

Beyond its unparalleled protective capabilities, our ceramic coatings imbue your vessel with a breathtaking, liquid gloss that accentuates its sleek lines and contours. Whether you're cutting through the waves or basking in the marina, your boat will turn heads and command attention with its mesmerizing, mirror-like shine.

Maintenance becomes a breeze as our proprietary coatings create a hydrophobic surface, causing water to bead up and roll off effortlessly, minimizing the need for vigorous scrubbing and harsh cleaners. Simply enjoy more time on the water and less time dedicated to arduous upkeep.

**Pricing for all boats and yachts is available by quotation



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